Glider Helps Companies Hire Better Candidates Faster

Talent Technology

Connecting with Beeline gives you a holistic view into your talent acquisition lifecycle:

  • Reduce the “interview tax”: hiring managers see candidate quality and fit before meeting live
  • Gauge + measure candidate quality, competency, and fit with data-driven benchmarks
  • Remove bias: support enterprise-level DE&I initiatives
  • Create alignment across supplier teams with transparency into rate cards, job reqs, placements, and more

Partnership contact:’s Talent Intelligence Platform brings talent quality to the front of the hiring lifecycle across any industry for any role. With our AI-enabled tech, evaluate competency to remove bias, replicate on-the-job assignments and validate a candidate’s ability to do the job on day one. Transform your hiring relationship across all clients and suppliers; hire more quality talent at scale and add more to your bottom-line.

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