NLP Logix

NLP Logix has the team and experience to automate many of the tasks being asked of the contingent workforce using artificial intelligence.


NLP Logix is one of the fastest-growing automation companies in the United States, which has delivered custom solutions across a wide swath of industries. From defense, to financial services, to insurance and many others, NLP Logix has the team and tools to automate many of your CW tasks. If you don't know if how to start, NLP Logix can use its proven 10Q Automation Assessment process to get you started.


"Any discussion around contingent workforce solutions in the year 2022 and beyond," according to Doug Leeby, CEO, Beeline, "should consider an automation component." NLP Logix brings the experience and over twelve year track record of automating many of the reduntant tasks performed by CW. As part of any CW sourcing through the Beeline platform, NLP Logix can develop an automation plan to supplement human labor with machines.

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