ProcureCon’s 2015 Contingent Labor Trends Report

ProcureCon’s 2015 Contingent Labor Trends Report provides an in-depth analysis of how procurement must transition from a tactical, back-office business unit into a strategic group when it comes to managing today’s extended workforce. This report contains benchmark data, as well as industry insight from more than 140 survey respondents, including executives like Marc Ruzicka, Senior Global Supply Chain Manager at Farmers Insurance.
  • Learn what percentage of procurement teams have transformed from tactical to strategic
  • Understand how VMS technology will continue to increase visibility and compliance for procurement teams
  • Recognize how procurement can create strong alliances with HR to create better efficiency
  • Identify the areas in which executives are predicting the biggest opportunities for their organizations in 2016
As businesses grapple with the management of today’s workforce, procurement increasingly faces the task of managing the creation of cost savings, visibility, and compliance around the performance of the contingent workforce. ProcureCon’s 2015 Contingent Labor Trends Report advises readers to adopt a VMS solution that create more visibility around spend, create strong working relationships with HR, and develop internal salesmanship on teams to continue to make the case for procurement’s increased value. For more details, download this report.

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