6 Ways to Strike the Right Balance Between Employees and Contractors

Businesses often get more done more cost-effectively by leveraging a combination of both employees and contingent workers. But too many organizations leave this decision up to managers who often lack the data or ability to make the best decisions. So how can your company take the best advantage of both employees and contingent workers? This eBook details six considerations to get you started down the right path. Download this eBook to:
  • Read how to weigh all the factors that affect the choice of permanent workers
  • Learn how predictive analytics can help you understand your organization’s needs and make better staffing decisions
  • Understand all your workforce options and the benefits of each type of staffing
There’s simply no way to stay competitive without maximizing the cost savings and flexibility that non-employee workers of all types provide. At the same time, your company will always need loyal, motivated, and highly trained employees to hold down the fort. Our eBook will help you find the best balance of the two.

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