9 Predictions for the Post-COVID Future of Work (Gartner)

How will the Future of Work change after COVID-19? What effects will these changes have on your organization? How can you prepare for their impact and position your organization for success going forward?

In this 20-page report, Gartner finds that COVID-19 has already changed the future of work in 9 key ways. Read it today.

Download this free industry report to:
  • Read Gartner’s predictions and evaluate their impact on your organization’s operations and strategic goals
  • Identify which of the nine predictions requires immediate action, and learn what action you can take
  • Understand how these nine predictions change your pre-COVID-19 goals and plans

Gartner predicts the emergence of new Top-Tier Employers in the post-COVID-19 world, noting “Those that excel during this time and demonstrate their commitment to employees will be viewed as top-tier employers for the foreseeable future.”*

By this standard, too, we believe companies that struggle now or are seen to lack commitment to their employees will be stigmatized.

Don’t be one of these companies.

Learn what actions you can take now to shape the future of work for your organization post-COVID-19.

*Gartner, 9 Predictions for the Post-COVID Future of Work, 14 May 2020, Human Resources Research Team

For more details, download this industry report today.

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