Better Quality, Better Speed, Better Savings: How to Source Better Talent with the Genesys Cloud and Beeline

Genesys Talent has built a better talent cloud by combining proprietary technologies and techniques to connect talent with opportunity. Beeline Self-Sourcing puts that talent cloud to work by connecting organizations with the highly skilled, qualified, available talent they need. In this webinar, Beeline and Genesys Talent discuss strategies and best practices you can use to leverage these technologies to get a jump on your competitors and engage precisely the talent you need – quickly and at the right price. Download the slides or watch this webinar to learn:
  • How to maximize Genesys Talent as a source – and identify opportunities for proactive cloud building
  • How Genesys provides a more strategic approach to targeting, sourcing, and curating talent
  • How to access the Genesys Talent cloud seamlessly through Beeline
Genesys is a source for talent not readily available from traditional staffing suppliers. Now, with Beeline Self-Sourcing, you will have instant access to the Genesys cloud’s vast online talent pool. Presented by: Julie Semler, VP Talent Solutions, Genesys Chuck Young, Partnership Manager, Talent Pools, Beeline

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