Building Workforce Agility in a Time of Crisis – Strategies & Technologies

In this webinar, we discussed why organisations need an agile workforce to respond to market opportunities and challenges, especially during difficult times. An agile workforce allows organisations to scale up or down with an optimal mix of permanent and contingent workers for every situation. This is only possible if all talent data is readily accessible and comparable. The time to start is now – by capturing all non-employee and employee data. Download this webinar recording to learn how to address 3 of today’s most pressing business continuity challenges:
  • Right-size your workforce to meet the immediate need.
  • Keep the talent you need close and easily accessible.
  • Ramp up quickly (when the crisis is over) – before your competitors gain the advantage.
  • Bronwen Fitzroy-Ezzy – SVP Sales and Expansion, Asia Pacific, Beeline
  • Sid Suhas – VP Global Solutions, Asia Pacific, KellyOCG

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