Can You Build a Winning Business Case for Services Procurement? You can if you know ROGER.

Nearly 70% of procurement teams are prioritizing SOW management and services procurement in the next 12 months because, for most companies, this represents the largest category of contingent workforce spend.

This data sheet shows you a simple way to create a business case for adding statement-of-work projects to your CWM program.

Download this data sheet to:
  • Read why your company needs to mitigate the risks created by unmanaged SOW-based contracts
  • Learn how to organize your business case based on the “ROGER” method
  • Understand what you will need to build a successful business case to take charge of your services procurement process

Mitigate security and compliance risks and eliminate excessive costs and substandard vendor performance issues.  You can do it all using your Beeline vendor management system (VMS).

You can add real value to your organization by gaining visibility into the part of your non-employee workforce that is currently outside your control. With this visibility, you will be able to reduce costs and security issues, avoid mis-classification penalties, implement process efficiencies, and improve vendor performance.

Find out how easy it can be. Download this data sheet today.

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