Centralizing Contingent Staffing

Without a centralized procurement process, this global pharmaceutical company routinely engaged contingent labor suppliers without regard for operational, security or budgetary compliance. As a result, their contingent labor suppliers ballooned to include hundreds of unqualified and improperly vetted companies—more than 80 suppliers for IT positions alone. With little or no visibility into its contingent workforce activity, the company regularly incurred many thousands of dollars in rogue spend. To correct this situation, they turned to Beeline. For more details, download our Success Story.
  • Learn how with a VMS you know who has access to your facilities and data
  • Know how to ensure supplier adherence to required onboarding and offboarding procedures
  • Understand how to eliminate rogue spend
  • Gain the insight you need to make better business decisions
We implemented our powerful Vendor Management System (VMS) in coordination with the client's Managed Services Provider (MSP). The VMS is fully integrated with our client’s ERP system, affording real-time synchronization with systems used by stakeholders within Procurement, HR, Finance, and Accounting. Beeline gave the client complete visibility into their entire contingent labor supply chain, reduced spending, increased efficiency, managing their global workforce using a single system. Rogue spend was eliminated and our client has realized contingent labor savings of more than 10 percent annually.

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