Changing the game at Pfizer: How Direct Sourcing accelerates contingent labor transformation

Understanding the competitive advantage workforce agility can confer, Pfizer has leveraged technology to automate its contingent workforce capabilities. In this session, we discussed what Pfizer achieved by deploying Direct Sourcing as part of a multichannel sourcing strategy to transform its contingent labor program.

Download this webinar recording to hear about the “5 Pillars of Successful Direct Sourcing” and how Direct Sourcing helps Pfizer advance their program toward the goal of becoming a competitive differentiator for their company.

Get an insider look at:
  • How Direct Sourcing leverages the Pfizer brand to attract top candidates
  • How Direct Sourcing is filling high priority roles in Pfizer’s contract talent program
  • How Pfizer’s team (MSP, curator, technology partners) allocates responsibility while collaborating for success

Date: October 1, 2020

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