Contingent staffing & your post-crisis workforce

The Post-COVID-19 world of work will be profoundly different from what was predicted when this year began.

Procurement, Sourcing, and Contingent Workforce leaders can play an increasingly strategic role in securing their companies’ success in that new world of work. Although the situation is still changing and the “new normal” is not entirely clear, your program is being asked to respond now as well as plan for the future.

With so much uncertainly, there are a few fundamentals that we do know:
1. The way work is performed will continue to change
2. Change will be unevenly distributed – by industry and geography
3. Despite the challenges, there will be huge opportunities for companies that can build an agile and resilient workforce.

Your ability to not only react but anticipate the workforce needs of your business are key to providing incredible value and enhancing continuity for your organization in this post-crisis environment. With the spotlight on your program, now is the time to ensure you know what steps you should be taking to rethink assumptions about the way work is done and successfully navigate the new world of work.

Date: July 22, 2020

  • Lesley Walsh VP, Relationship Management
  • Amelia Brown, Sales Solution Consultant

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