Contingent Workforce Management Metrics That Matter in 2019 (Ardent Partners)

Over the past decade, Ardent Partners has conducted more contingent workforce management (CWM) market research than any other firm or consultancy in the industry. This report is a compilation of the industry’s best and most widely used CWM, human capital management, and technology benchmarks from that research. This fact-filled report highlights the most important statistics detailing the global contingent workforce, including its growth, impact, and the strategies and technologies now being used to enhance Contingent Workforce Management. Download this report to:
  • Read why today’s non-employee workforce is 2.5x larger than in 2009
  • Learn how Vendor Management Systems (VMS) have changed, but remain the key technology to manage the contingent workforce
  • Understand how Procurement-led approaches to enhance CWM compare to HR-led approaches

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