CPO as a Catalyst for Digital Transformation

In this 2019 report (“Examining the Role of the CPO as Catalyst for Digital Transformation in a Time of Disruption”), researchers for WBR Insights explore strategies CPOs are taking “as procurement embarks on a digital transformation that is changing the way the world does business.” This edition of ProcureCon’s annual CPO study, sponsored by Beeline, examines the ways CPOs are navigating through a global business environment characterized by unprecedented opportunities and change. Download this report to:
  • Read how procurement is transitioning from a “cost reduction” function to “a value generation center”
  • Learn how procurement as a discipline will be “changed by the aftermath of new technology integrations”
  • Understand how CPOs can overcome internal resistance to change by demonstrating that processes that have been “good enough” in the recent past will no longer keep their companies competitive

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