Data Security

In the wake of numerous data and privacy breaches, many organizations are renewing their efforts to protect their data. As technology evolves, there will be even more opportunities for security breaches, which is why data security has become such a serious concern for so many organizations. Download your complimentary whitepaper learn how you can develop a first-class data security strategy that will help you protect your data and other business assets.
  • Understand the current data security challenges facing organizations today
  • Recognize the important questions to ask your future technology partner
  • Develop a strategy for safeguarding your information
  • Learn how Beeline puts security measure in place to ensure that client data is secure
In the last year, Evernote, Target, The Associated Press, The Guardian, Financial Times, Harbor Freight, CNN, The Washington Post, Time magazine, The New York Times, New York Post, Nordstrom, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, and Microsoft were all victims of security breaches – demonstrating the continued trend of year-over-year increases in cyber-attacks. Of course, companies must continue to collect data. Data management is an essential competitive tool, so abandoning data collection is not a viable option. After all, can you really afford not to seek an advantage over your competition? A data breach can cripple your business and destroy the trust you have worked so hard to build with your staff, customers, and suppliers. Let’s face it—the challenges for organizations are considerable. Between the many things that can go wrong, the countless components for securing data and the increase in data breaches, you owe it to yourself to do everything you can to protect your information. If you are looking for the right Vendor Management System (VMS) partner to support your business, take a closer look at Beeline. We invest more than any other VMS in our state-of-the-art data centers and premium application architecture.

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