Energy Company Manages Retirees to Fill Skills Gap

Like many in its industry, this energy delivery leader chose to bring back experienced retirees as contractors to ensure that their knowledge was passed on to succeeding generations. When it did so, it found that pay rates and onboarding/offboarding procedures varied widely, exposing the client to unpredictable costs and potentially expensive legal, compliance, and misclassification risks. To control costs and mitigate risks, it turned to Beeline.
  • Learn how our VMS analytics discovered more than $300 million in unclassified labor
  • Read how the client recovered $600,000 in overpaid sales tax
  • Understand how closer attention to supplier fees and performance resulted in rate card savings
By employing the full capabilities of our VMS, this client is able to make better-informed business decisions to combat the strategic difficulties caused by its aging workforce and preserve the knowledge that would otherwise be lost as so many experienced members of its workforce retire. For more details, download our Success Story.