Energy Leader Boosts Diversity in Contingent Staff with Beeline

This American multinational energy company needed to implement a comprehensive diversity program covering thousands of contingent staffing assignments. Only a full-featured Vendor Management System (VMS) could provide the necessary visibility and give them all the advanced management tools they required. So they turned to Beeline.
  • Learn how our VMS helped this client achieve a diversity spend of more than 40%
  • Read about a 1099 vetting program that increased compliance and reduced security risks
  • Understand how we helped streamline the supplier base and lowered costs by $3.6 million
In addition to significant improvements in cycle times and supplier quality metrics, the client reports improved visibility across all business units and at the enterprise level. The VMS gave them the tools to implement a vendor-neutral competitive sourcing model and replace a legacy master vendor with third-party Managed Services Providers (MSPs) for faster cycle times and improved overall quality. As a result of our strategic partnership, Beeline was named supplier of the year and achieved an Advanced Supplier Relationship for our ongoing service. For more details, download our Success Story.

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