Finding the Balance Between Information Security & Business Productivity

Businesses are injecting technology into the daily lives of their workforces at an unprecedented rate. At the same time, new devices, applications, and online services are infiltrating the workplace as never before. Corporate IT departments are under increasing pressure to respond to these changes. In this video from the 2014 Beeline Conference, Bob Marsh, Beeline’s chief information officer, addresses the challenges organizations face to innovate their businesses using the latest applications, online services, and mobile devices while simultaneously protecting their information assets.
  • How B.Y.O.D. (bring-you-own-device) policies can affect corporate data security
  • About Zero Day Threats and IT response times
  • The value of SSAE 16 & SOC 2 certifications
Innovation cannot be stopped, so it must be incorporated safely to ensure that all vital business and personal data is protected. How can your organization address the challenge of balancing potential increases in business productivity with the risk of having vital data lost, stolen, or compromised? Watch this video to learn how technology-driven companies like Beeline help customers respond to this challenge.

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