ING Centralizes Contingent Workforce Management

Headquartered in Amsterdam, ING is a Dutch multinational banking and financial services corporation with operations in more than 40 countries. In addition to its 53,000 employees, ING increasingly relies upon a contingent workforce, especially to those with vital technology expertise. For consistent sourcing and management of its contingent workforce, and to ensure compliance with corporate policies and legal requirements, ING implemented IQN VMS.
  • Learn how ING rolled out its contingent management process on time with IQN VMS
  • Read how ING gained more efficient sourcing of quality talent
  • Understand how IQN VMS improved processes for contractors and ING’s finance group
“Because the experienced IQN VMS team understood our program objectives and made sure the system configuration supports those goals, we are able to drive more value from our IQN VMS deployment.” » Global Program Manager Strategic Recruitment For more details, download our Client Success Story.

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