Global Questions to Consider

Your global extended workforce program will be successful if you have a technology partner you can trust. Many Vendor Management System (VMS) providers claim to have global capabilities, but unless you know the right questions to ask, you could end up selecting the wrong provider and inhibit your program’s success. This eBook will help put you on the right track.
  • Know how to determine localization expertise
  • Understand technical capabilities
  • Learn more about system configurability
  • Ensure compliance requirements
  • Understand global governance
If you are part of a growing global organization and are tasked with effectively managing its non-employee workforce, you may find yourself stuck in the process of how to reach success. A vendor management system (VMS) can help you get there by providing visibility, cost savings opportunities, powerful analytics and more. VMS is software that automates the hiring process of an organization’s non-employee workforce. It is often a web-based application that helps manage and procure staffing services, from requisition through invoicing. Global organizations trust Beeline to manage their non-employee workforce in various countries around the world. Beeline VMS is built on a framework that lends itself to supporting global programs. The Beeline technology is optimized to allow for localization requirements, including laws and tax regulations, translations of the application, currency conversions, and much more. If you need to roll out your program by country, region, department, or all simultaneously, Beeline makes it easy to manage all of your non-employees around the world in one system.

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