Highlights from 2013 European Thought Leadership Days

The contingent labour workforce is always changing and it is important to remain informed. In order to help you stay one step ahead, we have compiled insights surrounding current trends and challenges facing procurement and human resource professionals in Europe. Download your complimentary eBook to learn more.
  • Understand the value a structured contingent labour programme can provide
  • Learn how to streamline processes and improve data quality
  • Grasp the major trends and areas of interest found throughout Europe
  • Know the current challenges facing procurement professionals in Europe
Compared to the United Kingdom and North America, very few companies in Europe have implemented and managed mature contingent labour programmes. To provide procurement professionals in Europe with an opportunity to learn best practices from industry experts, Beeline partnered with local consulting companies to establish the 2013 European Thought Leadership Days. These events took place in several cities throughout Europe, including Switzerland, Germany, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and Belgium. This collaboration between procurement professionals and industry experts allowed participants to learn how to best manage contingent labour spend and which tools and processes to implement.

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