How to Maintain Compliance with Today’s Extended Workforce

Managing an extended workforce program comes with accepting the fact that a plethora of risks can instantly change your organization’s reputation. All it takes is a new piece of legislation, a regulatory audit, or a change in policy to turn a low-risk situation into a major liability. That’s why it’s so important for legal subject matter experts in your organization to do everything they can to identify, understand, evaluate, and manage that risk.
  • Understand how untracked workers can create vast compliance issues for your organization
  • Learn how a lack of data analytics may lead to inefficient invoicing and substandard supplier performance
  • Recognize how implementing fail-safe data security measures can help organizations achieve greater compliance
  • Read testimonials to learn how Beeline VMS has helped enterprise companies achieve greater compliance
As your organization becomes increasingly reliant on contingent labor, consider mitigating risk and achieving greater compliance by implementing a Vendor Management System (VMS). With the right solution in place, proper control of risk management can dramatically move an organization forward. To learn more, download your complimentary whitepaper today.

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