Innovate Your Workforce Efficiency using VMS Technology

Using a VMS and MSP together

This whitepaper details how one of America’s largest insurers of vehicles, homes, and businesses increased the efficiency of its contingent workforce program using KellyOCG’s MSP services, supported by Beeline VMS.
  • Learn how strategic talent management can provide a competitive advantage
  • Read how workforce efficiency benefits all departments: procurement, HR, Finance, IT, legal, and more
  • Understand how more efficient contingent workforce sourcing and management can save thousands of hours annually
According to the client’s head of contingent workforce management, “With an MSP using VMS technology to manage and administer our contingent workforce, we know who is working for us, where they’re working, and what access they have. We know that they are all classified correctly, in compliance with internal policies and external regulations.” “With sourcing and program management handled so efficiently and effectively, we have time to apply the insight our program supplies to make more efficient business decisions. That is the real value of our program.” Efficiencies in talent requisition, onboarding, offboarding, and management of timesheets, milestones, payment requests, and approvals add up to millions of dollars in savings for hiring organizations. Proactive workforce management can multiply those savings. It just requires the right technology and an experienced sourcing and management team to optimize your resources. Download this whitepaper to find out how.

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