Integrating Beeline with Workday

Each year more companies move from legacy ERP suites to cloud-based ERPs like Workday. While Workday also provides a top-rated HCM suite to recruit and manage employees, it is not designed to address contingent workforce management. That is where Beeline come in.

Download our free data sheet today to find out how Beeline complements Workday, and why Beeline is the ONLY VMS vendor with Workday Approved integrations.

Key Takeaways:
  • Learn how Beeline’s Workday Connector synchronizes key foundation and program data
  • Read how Beeline uses a set of configurable APIs to automate error-free data exchange
  • Understand how you can offer a seamless user experience that encourages program adoption.

Industry consultants note that cloud computing, with its new delivery model, enhanced user interfaces, and bias toward innovation is changing IT fundamentally. Today functional capability, usability, agility, and a business-strategy-first approach dominates IT decision making.

If your business strategy includes developing an agile workforce, one way is through the complementary capabilities of Workday’s HRIS and ERP platform combined with talent-focused innovation delivered by Beeline.

For more details, download our free data sheet now.

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