Launching a Contingent Labour Program – SIA webinar

As companies increasingly turn to contingent labour to gain a strategic competitive advantage, it has become vitally important to employ advanced technology to mitigate risks, control labour costs, enhance workforce visibility, and increase process efficiency. In this webinar, Tara Gupta describes the business drivers that impelled Airbus Group to implement its contingent labour program and how she developed a convincing business case to gain the necessary internal support.  Manfred Vogels of Beeline and Peter Reagan of SIA provide additional insight about the current state of the industry and the latest technologies available to source and manage the contingent workforce.

Key Take Aways

  • Current industry trends and how they apply to you
  • How to successfully scope a contingent workforce programme
  • What to put in your business plan to obtain the resources you need to ensure success


  • Tara Gupta, Procurement Category Manager for Temporary Labour UK & US, Airbus Group
  • Manfred Vogels, VP Business Development Continental Europe, Beeline
  • Peter Reagan, Director of Contingent Workforce Strategies & Research (EMEA & APAC), Staffing Industry Analysts

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