Light Industrial Category Experience

High-volume staffing situations like manufacturing, production, distribution, and call center operations require reliable and skilled workers to achieve and maintain operational excellence. Procurement and HR executives must juggle the tasks of finding and managing non-employee workers while dealing with last-minute demands, changing scenarios, and fluid scheduling. Beeline’s vendor management system (VMS) can simplify the sourcing, tracking, and management of workers in a host of light-industrial scenarios. Download our free data sheet to:
  • Learn how “recurring requisition” features can be used in environments when labor demands are cyclical or vary over time
  • Read how our highly-configurable Beeline VMS lets clients apply different requisition processes and approval workflows to each business unit
  • Understand the common business challenges associated with light industrial staffing requirements and techniques you can use to overcome them
Beeline VMS includes purpose-built functionality to support multiple rate formats, shift differentials, high volumes, and quick turnarounds to meet both blue-collar and white-collar talent requirements. Learn how our light industrial capabilities can meet your procurement needs and increase your Contingent Workforce Management program’s value to your company.

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