Mastering SOW – SIA Workforce Solutions webinar sponsored by Beeline

Over the years, Staffing Industry Analysts’ research has consistently found that Statement of Work (SOW) based projects represent a significant component of CW program spend. This webinar explores key best practices being deployed by CW program managers to manage professional SOW engagements in their CW programs. Watch this webinar or download the presentation slides to learn:
  • Trends in SOW management in CW programs
  • Six essentials for mastering SOW services procurement
  • Case study of State Street’s implementation of SOW management functionality
Moderator: Stephen Clancy, Director, Contingent Workforce Strategies, Knowledge and Research, Staffing Industry Analysts Panelists: Lynn Morton, Asst. VP, Contingent Workforce-Procurement, State Street Scott Bedell, Services Procurement, Beeline

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