Mitigating Compliance Risk in the Use of Independent Workers

The U.S. regulatory climate governing the use of independent workers is becoming stricter than ever. This whitepaper outlines the rules and regulations that may apply to your company. In addition to describing specific Department of Labor and Treasury Department initiatives to identify and penalize employee misclassification, this whitepaper details the tests applied by state and federal agencies to determine whether a worker is an employee or an independent contractor.
  • Learn about the tests used to judge whether workers are properly classified
  • Understand the differences between the Common Law Rules, the Economic Realities Test, and the ABC Test – and how they are applied
  • Read how Agents of Record, Employers of Record, and new self-sourcing technologies can help reduce your exposure to compliance risks
As your organization gains the competitive advantage an extended workforce can provide, you may be increasing your risk of exposure to potential compliance issues. A simple, but effective way to mitigate these risks is to partner with professionals who deal with worker classification issues on a daily basis. By aligning yourself with the right staffing professionals, you can substantially reduce your exposure to compliance risks, letting you focus on your business. Download this free whitepaper today to learn how.