MSP vs. VMO: Breaking Down the Great CWM Debate (Ardent Partners)

Using a VMS and MSP together

For many enterprises, a major debate revolves around the best fit for day-to-day management and consultative guidance on staffing and recruitment: an internal Vendor Management Organization (VMO) or an external Managed Service Provider (MSP). In this report, Ardent Partners highlights the benefits and shortfalls of both approaches and poses questions you will want to ask and important areas you will want to consider before you make this critical decision.
  • Read about the similarities and differences between the two management models
  • Understand how MSPs are evolving to manage increasingly complex aspects of talent
  • Learn why technology expertise and harnessing the power of data can be vital to a VMO’s success
There is no single answer to the question of whether to use an MSP or a VMO to manage your extended workforce program. The right management model is the one that best fits your organization’s specific needs. To help you determine which approach will best satisfy your organization’s requirements, download this industry report today.

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