Rapid VMS Deployment: A New Standard in VMS Implementation

Implementing a VMS quickly

Why wait months for a conventional VMS implementation when you can gain workforce visibility and mitigate security and compliance risks in four weeks or less? With our new rapid VMS deployment process, Beeline can deliver a full-featured VMS that meets industry best-practice standards in less than one month, giving you almost instant visibility and control of your extended workforce. Download this free data sheet to:
  • Learn how our Solution Design team works with you to determine which processes, integrations, and data transitions are truly vital
  • Read how our change management, training, and stakeholder communications best practices help facilitate program adoption
  • Understand how our unique “hypercare” service ensures system stability and unparalleled support continues throughout your program’s life cycle
Beeline’s rapid VMS deployment can help you reduce your risks—security risks and compliance risks—and give you complete visibility of your contingent workforce much faster. But there are other benefits as well. Rapid VMS deployment places less stress on your internal resources—and for shorter periods of time. This makes life easier on your stakeholders, who will also be impressed by your program’s much faster ROI and time-to-value. Download this data sheet for more details.

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