Resource Tracking

By not tracking all non-employee workers, your organization can leave itself vulnerable to ever-increasing security risks. These untracked workers can create vast compliance issues for your organization and limit your ability to make holistic decisions surrounding your non-employee workforce. Download your free data sheet to learn more about the risks and how Beeline’s Resource Tracking solution can help.
  • Only about 26% of organizations have a centralized program for managing all non-employees
  • Gain visibility and compliance for these previously untracked workers quickly
  • Mitigate tenure and other policy risks
  • Resource Tracking can be implemented as a stand-alone solution or as an expansion to your existing Beeline VMS
Do you know the total headcount for all your non-employee resources? Can you accurately identify them and report on their locations and levels of access? Often untracked workers (such as former executives on retainer, workers in countries with program adoption challenges, and business units that resist changes in sourcing) can create compliance issues for your organization. Beeline’s Resource Tracking solution provides the tracking you need without disruption. As a standalone capability or as an expansion of your existing Beeline Vendor Management System (VMS), Resource Tracking is the perfect solution for organizations wanting full visibility into their entire non-employee workforce, or for organizations who want to take an incremental approach to non-employee workforce management. To learn more, download our Resource Tracking data sheet.

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