Rise of the Human Cloud – How Agile Talent Pools Will Transform Talent Management – Toptal Enterprise Webinar

Organizations are under more pressure than ever to innovate, deliver quickly, and respond instantly to changes in the competitive landscape. At the core of this shift is the talent strategy within an organization. Traditional hiring cycles will not be sufficient to meet this demand, nor will traditional modes of engaging outside talent and expertise. In this webinar, Michael Kearns from Toptal discusses strategies and best practices for assembling teams of highly skilled talent – quickly and at the right price. Download the slides or watch this webinar to learn:
  • Why building flexible, on-demand teams must become a core competency
  • How to think strategically when engaging outside talent
  • What you need to know to engage on-demand talent at scale
The Human Cloud is driving organizations towards a new paradigm in talent management. For organizations to thrive in this new future, they will need to rapidly assemble, lead, and manage teams blended from a wide range of sources. Toptal is one of those sources. Presented by: Michael Kearns, VP Enterprise, Toptal