Simplifying the World of Small Vendor Engagement – TalentWave & Beeline Webinar

Many companies face challenges today in managing their expanding non-employee workforce programs – focusing particularly on small suppliers to fill certain gaps. But the management of many sub-vendors and staying compliant requires administrative know-how, resources, and discipline. This one-hour webcast presents tangible ways to safely engage small suppliers. Watch this webinar to learn:
  • How to increase business efficiency and reduce both costs and risk
  • How to protect the enterprise’s valuable Intellectual Property
  • How to engage non-preferred small suppliers while preserving preferred provider tiering
The tides are turning today toward a model where smart companies are engaging small firms to satisfy talent needs. By leveraging small firms, enterprises can diversify their talent base and gain access to skills that are otherwise unavailable. Presented by: Teresa Creech, CEO, TalentWave Doug Leeby, CEO, Beeline

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