SmartView® Data Analytics

Do you want the ability to make better decisions when it comes to your program? With Beeline SmartView® analytics, you’ll gain actionable insight based into your program data allowing you to make better strategic decisions about your workforce. Download your complimentary data sheet to learn more about Beeline’s powerful SmartView solution.
  • View and analyze data without building tables or writing queries
  • Compare bill rates between suppliers and job titles; analyze average bill rates, and ranges
  • View in-depth program spend with tools that help you identify new cost-saving opportunities
  • View tenure metrics including impact on rates, early terminations, and contractor performance
SmartView is Beeline’s collaborative and interactive visual analytics tool for extended workforce program management. It can help you uncover human capital needs even before they arise. Use the tool to allocate resources more efficiently to accommodate workloads and projects. Through a large set of pre-built metrics, SmartView lets you view and analyze your data without having to build time-consuming tables or write queries. More than a series of static rows and columns, SmartView is a dynamic tool that brings all of your non-employee workforce data and metrics together in one powerful web-based interface. Whether you are looking for more insight into your spend, savings, candidates, requests, offers, contracts, rate cards, cycle times, or demographics SmartView can provide the visibility you need to make better decisions. For more information, download your complimentary data sheet.

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