Supplier Scorecard

Do you have the ability to compare and rank the performance of your suppliers? Do you have a consistent way of reporting on supplier performance data? With the Beeline Supplier Scorecard, select performance metrics and view scores and rankings based on actual results in areas of quality, efficiency, and cost. Download your complimentary data sheet to learn more about the Beeline Supplier Scorecard.
  • Objectively evaluate supplier performance based on true data
  • Select the metrics on which you evaluate your suppliers
  • Scores and rankings are based on actual results in areas of quality, efficiency, and cost
  • View how your suppliers or partners are performing relative to each other
With the Beeline Supplier Scorecard, you choose the metrics in each category on which you want to evaluate your suppliers. From there, you have the ability to assign point values based on the results of those metrics. Leverage Beeline Supplier Scorecard in supplier reviews to showcase performance results and rank your suppliers based on the criteria you choose. This will also allow you to highlight areas of improvement. Beeline provides a standard template along with a recommended scoring model. You can then adjust and customize those metrics to meet your specific needs. To learn more, download our Supplier Scorecard data sheet.

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