Talent Singularity: The Convergence of Human, Machine, and Network Intelligence in Talent Acquisition

Exponential change has ushered in boundless opportunity for businesses – and tough new labor demands. To keep pace and innovate, every company needs the right talent. And yet, skilled candidates elude corporate recruitment teams. Positions seem harder to fill. The people you need are out there right now. The problem is that traditional staffing keeps turning to the same places. Job boards, recruiting platforms, and talent pools cover only 25% of all potential candidates. How do we access the talent abundance that we know exists? The Talent Singularity. In this webinar, Crowdstaffing CEO Sunil Bagai explores new business frontiers and modern talent acquisition approaches, an intersection where human and machine intelligence converge to amplify hiring outcomes. Watch this video to discover how Crowdstaffing’s platform-to-platform integration with Beeline Self-Sourcing lets you access a limitless supply of curated talent through an integrated networking of talent pools and talent suppliers.
  • Network power: Immediately access 150 million qualified candidate profiles and a vast network of motivated talent suppliers across every specialty and geography
  • Machine power: Intelligent job distribution expedites requisition-to-hire for incredible outcomes
  • Human power: Dedicated talent advisors personally validate every submission to ensure the best fits
  • Advanced algorithms begin matching ideal candidates to your requirements in hours, not days
Speaker: - Sunil Bagai, CEO, Crowdstaffing

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