The 2016 Technology and Innovation Outlook Report

The road ahead is complex. Ardent Partners predicts that the new, transformative, on-demand world of talent will shape the way technology is leveraged; creating an “ecosystem” in which all aspects of the talent supply chain will be automated and linked.
  • Read highlights about the growing contingent workforce and the impact of technology in supporting CWM programs.
  • Learn about the many forms of innovation and their influence on the way companies engage and manage talent.
  • Look ahead to the future and gain a technological outlook for the contingent workforce industry.
Today's non-employee workforce is markedly different than it was in years past. A business revolution is taking place—one that is critically dependent on on-demand talent to achieve crucial objectives. At every corner within today’s non-employee workforce, innovation is transforming how contingent workforce managers find, engage, source, and ultimately manage talent. Innovation is a critical piece of the contingent workforce puzzle, as today’s leading businesses alter the ultimate engagement, management, and integration of talent within their organizations. As the talent supply chain continues to push forward and progress into new arenas, the contingent workforce industry will remain an epicenter of innovation that is truly reflective of a continually growing and evolving market.

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