The Direct Sourcing Toolkit (Ardent Partners)

Direct sourcing has become the hottest topic in the global world of talent engagement. Its ability to tap into on-demand pools of talent to better align project requirements with available skillsets can provide an incredible advantage.

In this document, Ardent Partners provides an actionable toolkit you can use to build a direct sourcing program for your company.

Download this free industry report to:
  • Read why talent pools and direct sourcing are top priorities for businesses today
  • Learn how direct sourcing can reduce the risk of “bad hires”
  • Understand what you can do to take advantage of this powerful new talent channel

When it comes to talent, businesses are at a critical inflection point. In an age of globalization and innovation, the companies that don’t just survive but thrive will be those with the best access to top-tier talent.

According to Ardent Partners, 65 percent of businesses believe direct sourcing will transform how work is done.

As businesses strive to reduce recruitment costs and build an agile workforce, Ardent believes direct sourcing will become a primary channel.

To take the first step toward putting direct sourcing to work for your company, download this toolkit today.

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