The Leap From Contingent Workforce to Extended Workforce and Services

In this report, Andrew Karpie proposes that an organizational shift is taking place—from enterprises utilizing a contingent workforce to enterprises utilizing an extended workforce. He believes that organizations currently source and consume a very limited set of labor/talent resources through certain processes and technology solutions, but will soon advance to another stage, in which internal business consumers can access a broader array of labor/talent-based services.
  • Read about the trends surrounding enterprise companies’ reliance on third-party resources and capabilities
  • Learn the difference between the contingent workforce and the extended workforce
  • Understand what enterprise companies currently need and demand from technology solution providers
Karpie believes that contingent workforce managers must start to re-envision themselves and the strategic focus of what they do, and ultimately realize the extended workforce paradigm in their businesses. This might involve small projects in which procurement partners with some internal business users, a forward-looking technology solution provider, and some suitable service providers building a model of how sourcing and consuming labor/talent based services can happen differently.