Modern Guide to Total Workforce Management – Ardent Partners

The world of work is changing and the boundaries between full-time equivalent (FTE) and contingent talent are starting to blur. As the “blended workforce” becomes a reality, organizations are adopting new approaches for engaging, acquiring, and managing talent. The changing world of work dictates changes in executive mindsets about workforce strategy, as well as new tactics to drive total talent visibility and the realignment of projects and requirements to compete and succeed in this new environment.
  • Learn what organizations consider to be the primary benefits of Total Workforce Management (TWM)
  • Read how more than half the companies surveyed plan to implement TWM programs within 24 months
  • Understand the elements of Ardent’s Total Workforce Management Operating Model and how they apply to your company
This report, written by Ardent Partners and sponsored by Beeline, analyzes workforce and supply chain strategies and includes recommendations for action for launching total workforce management initiatives and driving long-term value as the global talent landscape continues to evolve. Today’s global market feeds on agility, flexibility, and innovation. Total workforce management represents the next wave of progress in the world of work. From total talent visibility to enhanced workforce intelligence, the multifaceted impact of total workforce management is a powerful concept that represents the future of business talent.

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