The State of Contingent Workforce Management 2018-2019: The Pursuit of an Agile Workforce (Ardent Partners)

Talent and technology. The two foundations of the modern business can create a lasting competitive advantage, accelerate organizational growth and development, and foster innovative ideas and practices. Without innovation and top-tier talent, companies will not keep pace with their markets and may not survive. In this report, Ardent Partners names workforce optimization as the top challenge for the modern enterprise and contingent workers as the key to achieving the workforce agility required to win in a dynamic, talent-driven environment. Download this report to:
  • Read how 71% of business leaders say that pressure to adapt is changing how they get work done
  • Learn how the agile workforce is the answer to market transformation
  • Understand how best-in-class contingent workforce management has become vital to business success
The world of work will never be the same. Key elements of the Future of Work, such as innovation, the agile workforce, and transformational enterprise thinking, will push businesses into a new era that promotes agility and better alignment with the dynamic shifts in the business world. The link between contingent workforce management and the evolving world of work is forcing enterprises to reimagine the current and future state of work optimization through innovative strategies for talent engagement and acquisition. In the months and years ahead, business agility and the agile workforce will become the gateway to superior business outcomes. For more details, download this industry report today.

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