The State of Contingent Workforce Management 2020 Navigating Disruption and Uncertainty with an Agile Workforce (Ardent Partners)

Even during a pandemic, an organization’s most valuable asset remains its depth of talent and expertise. Equally important is the way an agile workforce can optimize the way work is done in uncertain times.

In this report, Ardent Partners predicts that “smart” strategies for achieving workforce agility – including mandating remote working, boosting virtual infrastructures, and developing access to deep talent pools – will determine which businesses will survive and thrive as the world recovers from the current crisis.

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To say that the business world in 2020 has been disrupted is a vast understatement. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced enterprises around the globe to reorganize their workforce in direct response to the crisis.

In the face of critical supply chain disruption, massive concerns over short-term revenue, and an uncertain future, the way businesses operate will shift dramatically in the months ahead.

For enterprises to thrive in changing times, the year ahead must bring about revolutionary attitudes in how the totality of talent – employees and non-employees alike — can play a pivotal role in ensuring business success within a globalized, fast-paced marketplace.

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