The Training Experts for Your New Beeline Technology

Obtaining contract resources for your organization can be an unwieldy, complex process. We all know that VMS technology helps organizations standardize, streamline, and simplify the process of managing their extended workforces. To get the most out of this technology, however, organizations must also understand how to use it. That’s why it’s so critical to choose a VMS partner that provides both cutting-edge technology and service-driven people. At Beeline, we provide the customized training options that organizations need to get the most out of their extended workforce solution.
  • Easily transition your previous system to Beeline so you can focus on change management.
  • Let us tailor the Training Readiness Package to the specific requirements that are right for you.
  • Learn more about Beeline’s various training phases, steady state support, and system certification offerings.
  • Choose the training options that are best for you, including self-directed eLearning modules, web-based training, on-site training, and more.
By offering a blended learning approach, Beeline facilitates a collaborative and smooth introduction to the Beeline technology. Over 90 percent of our clients reported feeling comfortable with the system after training, and over 80 percent would recommend our training to a colleague. In this whitepaper, you will learn more about our Training & Development team, including the fact that they have over 60 years of collective training experience. You will also read about the many benefits of Beeline training, including how we empower organizations with a deep knowledge of the solution, resulting in fewer calls to the help desk. Customized training for program offices is also available for MSP/VMO models. At the end of the day, feel confident knowing that we are the training experts for your new Beeline technology. Learn more by downloading your complimentary whitepaper today.