Tracking and Managing Non-Employee Resources

Our client, the world’s leading low-cost airline, operates in nearly 80 airports in 39 states. In addition to full-time pilots, crew members, and staff, they utilize a variety of non-employees, including SOW contractors, outsourced service workers, and other extended resources. With new federal regulations and increased corporate security and compliance concerns, their manual system could no longer provide the visibility and control of the airline’s non-employee workforce the airline required. They turned to Beeline. For more details, download our Success Story.
  • Know the single system to track all categories of non-employee workers
  • Learn how all activity is tracked and verified automatically for better compliance
  • Understand how automated security protocols protect against breaches of physical and intellectual property
  • Learn how detailed reporting ensures you are always prepared for an audit
Focusing first on managing our client’s contingent resources, we then expanded the system to include Resource Tracking for all non-employees. With a single system of record for all non-employees, the client now knows who and where non-employees are, and what they're working on at all times. Managers no longer waste time with tedious spreadsheets and outdated databases. Automated on-boarding, off-boarding and certification workflows help to ensure better security and compliance.

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