Opportunities in Total Talent Acquisition – SIA webinar

As the extended workforce grows in strategic importance, organizations are seeking better, more cost-effective ways to source and manage new categories of talent—including professional service providers, consultants, and independent contractors—in their workforce mix. In this webinar, industry leaders from SIA, ING, and Beeline discuss the benefits of applying innovative, future-proof technology to manage and optimize today’s—and tomorrow’s—blended workforce. Watch this webinar or download the presentation slides to learn:
  • Trends in talent acquisition
  • Drivers bringing FTE and Contingent Workforce sourcing together
  • Benefits and challenges of pursuing a Total Talent Acquisition strategy
Moderator: Dawn McCartney, Director, Contingent Workforce Solutions & Research, Staffing Industry Analysts Speakers: Elizabeth Rennie, Global Workforce Solutions Research Director, Staffing Industry Analysts Gusta Timmermans, Global Program Manager Strategic Recruitment, ING Manfred Vogels, VP Business Development Continental Europe, Beeline

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