Why VMS? Why now? COVID-19’s impact on contingent workforce management

When a crisis strikes or an emergency occurs, business continuity takes top priority. At these times, how you manage your company’s contingent workforce can determine your future.

Fortunately, a vendor management system (VMS) can help you track and manage every member of your non-employee workforce. More than 70 percent of leading companies, including FORTUNE 500 and Global 1000 enterprises, already have a VMS in place.

In this ebook, you will learn how a VMS can help you solve five specific critical threats to workforce continuity the COVID-19 crisis has intensified.

Download this data sheet to:
  • Learn why so many companies can’t account for all their contingent workers – including vital remote workers
  • Read how governments have tightened classification requirements to protect workers and increase tax revenues
  • Learn why it may be necessary to rethink your human capital supply chain
  • Understand how to help your company achieve cost reduction targets and ensure that you get the outcomes you are paying for

Now, more than ever, your company needs the agility and resilience your non-employee workforce can provide to respond to market challenges and opportunities. To get the most from this resource, the surest way to make a difference is to implement a VMS.

This ebook provides the information you need not only to meet business continuity challenges in these uncertain times, but to prepare your organization to weather any future crisis that comes your way.

Download our ebook today.

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