Workforce Categorization

One of the best ways to manage flexible workforce spend is to choose the appropriate method to acquire and price each category of flexible labor. The methods to acquire and price contingent and project-based labor are different. in order to choose the right type of contract and pricing, you need to understand the different categories of the flexible workforce and when it makes sense to engage with a service provider for each category.
  • Understand the different categories of the flexible workforce
  • Know questions to consider when determining the type of worker to engage
  • Learn the unique qualities that make up each category of the flexible workforce
More and more organizations are beginning to rely on flexible workforces as a complement to their full-time, permanent employees. This trend is rooted in a variety of factors, including economic uncertainty, skill shortages and individuals choosing to enter the work- force through alternative methods. With the prevalence of flexible workforces expected to continue to rise, so too will expenditures related to this segment of the workforce. Therefore, it is important for businesses to maximize their investments and avoid paying too much for the different types of labor they require.

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