Workforce Data Security for the Oil & Gas Industry

Cyber threats to oil and gas production—both cyber espionage campaigns and damaging cyber-attacks—are increasing. Securing workforce and supply chain access to your data is a vital component of your defense against these cyber threats. A robust Vendor Management System (VMS) can help protect your data and provide visibility into who has access to both your physical and intellectual property at all times.
  • Why your non-employee workforce data should be independently audited and certified
  • Why single-tenant architecture keeps your data more secure
  • Why the physical location of your data center matters
  • Why you should know your VMS provider’s disaster contingency plans
Data creates tremendous business value, but it also represents a growing potential liability, making the proper handling of data absolutely critical. As organizations increasingly turn to non-employee resources—consultants, contractors and outsourced service workers—to support their businesses, it is vital to know who has access to your data at all times. A Vendor Management System can provide that visibility. And it will keep all the data required to manage your non-employee workforce secure, including vital personal identity, financial and vendor records. Data security is all about minimizing risk. Failing to safeguard your data can place your organization at risk. As the regulatory burden of data security increases, the resources required to stay secure and compliant will only escalate. Learn how a VMS can help you manage your data and reduce your security and compliance risks. Download our complimentary whitepaper today.

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