I ’m pretty sure that people who work in business development roles have a checklist they use when vetting a potential corporate partner. It includes things like doing due diligence on the partner’s software and business model, and uttering the words “one plus one must equal three” at the start of every meeting!

As a regular reader of this blog (and I hope you are!), you know that, according to the U.S. Department of Labor, the use of independent contractors and part-time, temporary, seasonal and leased workers (Can we please settle on calling this the non-employee workforce? All that typing has tired me out) has expanded tremendously in recent years. Current estimates suggest that the non-employee workforce represents from 25 to 33 percent of the domestic workforce—and that number is expected to grow to as much as 50 percent by 2020. Importantly, the criticality of this segment of your workforce is growing too, non-employees are no longer just replacements for someone who is under the weather or on holiday, you need them to make your product (or service)!

These dramatic changes in the workforce require employers to use new strategies and technologies to meet their labor needs, and IQNavigator is committed to staying at the forefront of helping companies more effectively manage every type of worker.

Prior tongue-in-cheek comments aside, that’s where the 1+1 = 3 equation comes in! We have formed a strategic alliance with Work Market—a partnership that will help our mutual customers more efficiently source and manage highly-skilled, pre-qualified workers in this new world of work. IQN and Work Market together delivers a stronger capability than either of us could alone!

Through this alliance, mutual customers can leverage our vendor management system (VMS) and Work Market’s freelancer management system (FMS) to create a more flexible talent management strategy that optimizes their labor costs and ensures ready access to multiple channels of the best freelance talent.

IQN and Work Market are very much on trend in forming this alliance. Gartner released a report yesterday titled “Getting Ready for the Next-Generation Workforce and the Impacts of the Next Generation Economy” that details why HR and Procurement must work together to manage this channel and that they need to use a VMS and FMS to do it.

The world’s largest businesses are increasingly turning to freelancers to help win the war for talent and improve labor cost variability, accelerate the pace of innovation, and outperform fiercely competitive rivals. Technology is key to creating a winning approach that enables businesses to manage their workforce – regardless of the worker composition and that is why we’re excited about this partnership as it truly does make 1+1 = 3!

Look for more to come on this topic as we roll this partnership out to our customers. Please check out Work Market’s website at www.workmarket.com and follow them on Twitter @Workmarket (I know you’re already following @iqnavigator!).

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