M ost Americans, when asked, know that Las Vegas’ catchphrase is “What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas!” Normally—and I’m not speaking from personal experience here—this is a good thin

However, I strongly feel there are exceptions to every rule and Staffing Industry Analysts’ (SIA) upcoming 2016 CWS Summit Las Vegas is one of them.

IQN is deep into our preparations for this September 2016 conference and, while I can’t tell you about all of them (at least not yet), they are going to be LEGENDARY. I looking forward to seeing you there! I’m also excited about CWS from a business perspective.

The non-employee workforce is a critical component of most companies’ business strategies. SIA data says that 70% of companies rely on non-employees on a strategic level and a similar percentage plans to quickly grow this portion of the workforce. Simply said, most modern enterprises, across all verticals, can’t produce their product without non-employees. For this reason, it is important that you, as a CWS attendee, bring back something from Vegas this time. What you bring back is up to you and will be based on which sessions you attend and whom you talk to. I encourage you to thoughtfully select the tracks you go to and keynotes you listen to as you will learn things that can materially improve your program when you go back home.

The same is true of interacting with IQN. We encourage you to attend our “Ideas in Action” session for a thought-provoking discussion on how our machine intelligence engine, ATOM, is driving real-world decision making. We also hope you’ll come by our booth or visit us for a demo. You’ll learn about the three things that drive us—customer experience, technology, and our IQN Connect ecosystem and will get to hear (and see!) the exciting things we are doing with the IQN Compass VMS.

Most of the time, leaving things in Vegas is a good thing. This time is different. Take knowledge home and improve your company…just leave the giant slushy drinks and bad gaming decisions behind!

2016 CWS Summit

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