L arge enterprise organizations are using contingent staffing differently, making larger portions of their workforce more flexible and more specialized in response to market demands.

As the temporary portion of the workforce grows, so too does the need for a quality formula that applies when filling positions. Today’s contingent staffing is about elevating the quality of candidates in addition to maintaining speed-to-fill. HCM technologies like video interviewing make it possible to deliver both, in all types of hiring scenarios.

Elevating Quality in Contingent Staffing

Video interviewing is on the rise precisely because it contributes to better quality of hire in both temporary and permanent staffing. When recruiters engage with applicants through on-demand and live video interviews, they quickly get a more accurate read. An applicant’s tone of voice, eye contact, body language and other verbal and visual cues all help recruiters assess fit much more effectively and efficiently than a simple résumé ever could. Video interviewing technology helps recruiters make better decisions, about who moves on in the process, and recruiters can easily package and email their short-list of candidates to clients, driving a new level of staffing collaboration with large enterprise organizations.

Video Interviewing Provides No Compromise on Speed

A core value proposition for contingent staffing is speed. Video interviewing enables better contingent staffing decisions without compromising on speed-to-fill. A platform that’s designed for hiring contributes to process efficiencies in many ways:

  • Sourcing and screening that used to take days or weeks can now be accomplished within hours or a single day. Recruiters who socialize openings and include an invite to complete an on-demand video interview before they leave for the day will often have several applicants to review when they come to work the next morning.
  • The short-list is not only more complete with relevant information conveniently packaged in a link, but it can be immediately forwarded the same or next day for client decisions.

When it’s time to meet through a live interview, all decision-makers can easily participate in a panel video interview using their smart phones, tablets or desktop computer.  Video interviewing eliminates time-sapping travel logistics and minimizes delays caused by coordinating schedules, and workforce decisions can be made quickly and accurately.

Elevating Employer Brand to Win Top Contingent Talent

Video interviewing gives large enterprise organizations a way to leverage the power of their employer brand with their contingent workforce. Innovative staffing companies using a purpose-built video interviewing technology can co-brand the interview experience in order to attract and win top talent for their clients. They’re integrating videos made by supervisors, co-workers and leadership at their client organizations as well as logos and other visual branding. Applicants are treated to a high-tech yet high-touch interviewing experience. With both on-demand and live video interviewing, applicants get the information they need to decide if the contingent opportunity is a good fit for them.

Learn More at IQNsiders 2016

For companies that use a contingent staffing strategy, video interviewing offers short- and long-term wins. The combination of quality and speed means today’s work starts sooner and is performed well. Companies are also better positioned to hire contingent workers permanently since care is taken from the very beginning to ensure the best possible fit.

To learn more about front-end engagement through video interviewing technology, stop by the Montage table at IQNsiders or find one of us during the event. We’d love to talk with you about your workforce and hiring strategies. Or, talk with your IQN representative to find out what video interviewing could mean for your organization.

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